Binary options

Binary Options trading has, without any doubt, taken the financial markets by storm since its quick rise a few years ago. Also called Digital Options, this form of trading is particularly attractive as it allows traders to earn up to 80% on their investment, with trades as short as 60 seconds.

Traders are able to trade stocks, indices, currencies and commodities around the clock, with affordable minimum deposits. What makes Binary Options trading so attractive to investors is that each trade is a simple speculation of any underlying asset. Instead of phyiscally purchasing the asset, traders are simply required to speculate on its future direction over a predetermined period of time.

The potential profits and losses of any given trade are known before the transaction is even launched, with the trading platform indictating to the trader the possible profit and loss amounts in the event of a win or a loss.

With traders only having to speculate on the direction of an asset, it is no surprise that the relative simplicity of binary options has made this type of trading so popular and accessible.